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my home infrastructure and Kubernetes cluster

Built with nix K3S Version Renovate

💻 Hardware

Device Count RAM Disks OS Arch Purpose
Synology DS216j 1 512 MB WD Red Nas 4TB (x2) DSM 7 armv7 NFS + NAS
Raspberry Pi 1B 1 512 MB SD 32GB DietPi armv6 DNS (PiHole)
Raspberry Pi 3 5 1 GB SD 32GB DietPi armv7 Kubernetes

📂 Repository structure

The Git repository contains the following directories:

📁 ansible     # Ansible playbooks / roles to setup all the infrastructure
📁 archive     # unused / old applications
📁 kubernetes  # Kubernetes cluster defined as code
├─📁 apps      # Apps deployed into the cluster grouped by namespace
└─📁 bootstrap # not used yet


entware-install playbook

Install and configure Entware for Synology DSM following this instructions.

k3s-install playbook

Install or upgrade k3s cluster deployment using k3sup.

upgrade playbook

Upgrade DietPi systems using apt and dietpi upgrader. Upgrade DSM python installatio in Synology.